Pinterest Engineer Describes Isolation of Being Black In Silicon Valley

USA Today interviewed Justin Edmund, an early employee at Pinterest. The 24-year-old engineer first caught Silicon Valley's attention with a candid personal essay about growing up black, where he said he had "not seen a single technology leader," besides Jack Dorsey "acknowledge the crisis in Ferguson. And why would… » 10/30/14 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

Whisper CEO Insists That The Guardian "Got the Facts Wrong"

Whisper CEO Michael Heyward has turned more forceful in dismissing allegations from The Guardian that his anonymous app was tracking users, including people who opted out of geolocation before sharing their secrets. » 10/29/14 5:30pm Wednesday 5:30pm

Microsoft cut another 3,000 jobs today. Meanwhile former CEO (and current Clippers owner) Steve Ballmer is on stage at a Wall Street Journal conference singing lyrics that Fergie custom-recorded for his new basketball team. » 10/29/14 3:15pm Wednesday 3:15pm

Freakout Levels Over "Burn Rate" Are At Historical Lows

When Benchmark Capital's Bill Gurley first expressed his concerns about "burn rate," the rate at which companies burn through his venture capital, startups started wondering whether they were setting money aflame too fast. » 10/29/14 1:45pm Wednesday 1:45pm

Benchmark confirmed that it has invested* in Tinder, a rumor we reported in August. No details were given about the deal, except that IAC continues to own "a controlling stake," deterring other venture capitalists buzzing around the popular hookup app. *Update: Recode says no money has changed hands, it's a "sweat… » 10/28/14 5:35pm Tuesday 5:35pm

Garrett Camp, cofounder of Uber and Blackjet, has launched a beta test for Reserve, a "digital concierge" that works like a souped-up OpenTable. Solving the problem of getting a table at high-end restaurants has become a real passion project for entrepreneurs lately. » 10/28/14 1:12pm Tuesday 1:12pm

I'm So Happy Kim Kardashian Just Gave a Talk at a Tech Conference

Kim Kardashian Illuminati West was on stage with Recode founder Kara Swisher this afternoon at the tech blog's Code/Mobile conference. I have no idea whether she arrived from Calabasas with a list of questions Swisher couldn't ask, but regardless this is one stiletto-heeled step for Kardashian and one giant kick in… » 10/27/14 8:40pm Monday 8:40pm

PSA: On today's earnings call Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was saying "eccentric circles" of users, not "concentric circles." Either way, Twitter's stock is down despite meeting expectations. If only Wall Street cared as much about circles as it does about MAUs. » 10/27/14 6:15pm Monday 6:15pm

Startup Founder Hacks Investor’s Voicemail In Attempt to Get Funding

It's hard to cast a better clusterfuck—or a worse caricature of Silicon Valley hustle—than what happened to tech investor Jason Calacanis. "Someone hacked my voicemail and changed my outgoing message to get me to invest," he wrote on Instagram yesterday, along with a recording of the new message. » 10/27/14 1:20pm Monday 1:20pm

Hewlett-Packard Imitated HBO's Silicon Valley By Hiring Flo Rida to Rap

Last night, Hewlett-Packard hosted a launch event for its new Helion Development platform at Temple, a nightclub in San Francisco's Financial District. To celebrate cloud computing, the company offered guests a giant fake pink cloud, "loads of light up glow sticks," and a performance by Flo Rida. » 10/24/14 1:30pm 10/24/14 1:30pm

Study Says Venture Capitalists Are Nervous For the First Time in Years

There's a cool new trend sweeping Sand Hill Road and it's called self-doubt. Just look at your Tweetdeck. Everybody who's anybody is suddenly spazzing out. According to the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index, confidence levels have chilled for the first time since early 2012. » 10/23/14 6:00pm 10/23/14 6:00pm

Judge Ruled Powerful VC Firm Can Keep Harassment Complaints Private

In 2012, Ellen Pao, a partner at the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, sued the venerated venture capital firm for sexual harassment and discrimination. It was a more cloistered time and the allegations were shocking, creating a fissure in Silicon Valley's self-image and spurring a wider discussion about sexism in the… » 10/22/14 8:15pm 10/22/14 8:15pm

Marissa Mayer addressed her haters during Yahoo's earnings call. Tumblr, she claimed, will generate $100 million in revenue in 2015. As for profitability, Mayer said Tumblr will reach "positive Ebitda," which doesn't seem like enough return to shut down activist investors. » 10/21/14 7:15pm 10/21/14 7:15pm

Google Invests $542 M in Bizarre Florida Man Promising Virtual Reality

Recode tried to warn you over and over that Silicon Valley found love in a hopeless place (Florida). Now it's official. Google announced that it led a $542 million round in Magic Leap, an augmented reality startup run by wackadoo supreme Rony Abovitz. » 10/21/14 4:30pm 10/21/14 4:30pm

Hoarder House In Palo Alto Is On the Market for $1.8 Million

If a rising tide lifts all boats, then Google rising up as corporate landowner of Santa Clara County has lifted all housing prices. A tipster directed us to this cracked-on-the-outside, hoarder-on-the-inside home in Palo Alto going for $1.8 million. » 10/21/14 12:55pm 10/21/14 12:55pm

Steve Ballmer defends Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: "Actually he allowed good karma to happen and good things happened to him and he was very fortunate, and that's his genuine belief in life." Yo Steve-o, no one doubted that Nadella was genuinely clueless. » 10/21/14 12:10pm 10/21/14 12:10pm

Tinder Wants Users to Pay Up Before It Shows You Better Matches

During the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit—a gathering of "the world's brightest young game changers" and the middle-aged men who are obsessed with them—Tinder CEO Sean Rad announced that his dating app will start offering a paid premium option in early November. » 10/20/14 4:10pm 10/20/14 4:10pm