Gawker Heroes: Kimberly Bryant , Founder of Black Girls Code

While others debate the upside of learning to code or whether Silicon Valley's gatekeepers are as meritocratic as they claim, Kimberly Bryant has been quietly disrupting the status quo through Black Girls Code, a non-profit with the kind of scale investors covet. After launching in San Francisco in 2011, it now has… »12/31/13 3:20pm12/31/13 3:20pm

As a builder I'm often asked by friends and acquaintances if there's a way they could be involved in whatever project we're working on: a chance to "get their hands dirty" and learn practical skills that they'd like to use at some point in their own projects. The answer usually, unfortunately, is no. We're,… »4/29/13 11:56pm4/29/13 11:56pm